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Here are just some of the 200+ products A-Squared Technologies helped develop.

We help inventors become entrepreneurs and startups to grow.
What happens between the idea and production is about the process of turning a concept into a easy to assemble, commercially viable, profitable product. We have gone thru the process 100's of times.  A Squared works with inventors and entrepreneurs to ensure the process is clarified, refined, and swift.

Assembly and Production. Made In U.S.A.
To bring an idea to market, an entrepreneur needs a product development firm, electronic product design, and electronic manufacturing services. That’s where A Squared comes in. We have been shaping ideas into products for more than 25 years. Providing San Diego customers with quality prototype assembly and electronic manufacturing services. Many of San Diego's electronic businesses rely on A Squares' contract and turnkey manufacturing services, including Quality Circuit board assembly, cabling, chassis wiring, box building, test. mechanical assembly and electromechanical assembly. A Squares' short run capacity for turnkey and contract assembly. quick turn on short runs, JIT (just in time) delivery. Allows through hole and surface mount assembly projects to be built quickly and with 0 defects. San Diego companies get value added services when we are selected. A Squared provides parts procurement, sourcing, kitting, staging, assembly, test, re work, packaging and shipping for most any assembly projects from prototypes to monthly builds in the thousands.

An integrated process
We are a product development firm that has helped bring a array of devices to market, ranging from medical devices, industrial controls, to a “Baby Think it Over” doll used to teach high school students the responsibilities of having a baby, to a genetic research device that has become standard in many universities. Once we take on a project, we also provide inventors and entrepreneurs with electronic product design and electronic manufacturing services. Initial concept to circut board design to assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping all in one place.

Experience matters. Family owned and operated for over 25 years here in North county San Diego.
We have designed, developed, and delivered breakthrough products for many industries and to companies far longer than our major competitors. This means our track record speaks with authority. A Squared designers lead the way and then our Network of Service Providers, experts in their specific modalities, join the effort.

Fast track to market
Our team approach means electronic product design and electronic manufacturing services are more efficient, and products move through a fast track process on their way to market. We do it all. Inventors and entrepreneurs worldwide know that A Squared will move their ideas from their imaginations into the wide-open spaces of commerce.

For inventors, entrepreneurs, start ups, companies large and small to become or remain competitive, electronic product design, development, and delivery from one trusted source saves money and increases productivity.


Concept Feasibility & Research   Engineering Services
Intellectual Property
- Specification Writing
- Project Planning
- Project Cost estimates
- Business Plan development
- Networking
- Team Building
  Graphic design
  Electronic design
  Packaging design
   Quick turn Short runs & Prototypes
Turnkey and Contract
Part sourcing & procurement
Ramp up to off shore
Kitting Machining
Part placement   - Mechanical assembly
16" x 16" Thru hole &
SMT boards
  - Electromechanical      assembly
Soldering Test
Cabling & wiring Rework
Enclosure / box build    
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With A Squared, you get everything done in one place and know that when the process is complete, you have what you need to create profits.

Let the process begin. Contact A Squared today to turn your new ideas into commercially viable, profitable products.


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